EVOLVE workers headed to Philippines for conference


Click here to donate to help our workers go to the Philippines and bring gifts to two orphanages.

Two EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services employees are traveling to Manila for the 14th Philippine Global Consultation on Child Welfare Services from Sept. 6 to 8.

Picture Of Whitney Ryan
Whitney Ryan
Lyla Omernik
Lyla Omernik

Lyla Omernik and Whitney Ryan will attend the conference and will also visit two orphanages in the Philippines on Sept. 5 before the conference starts.

They’re looking for donations to purchase essential needs items to bring to the children at the orphanages and to help cover the costs of the trip. You can help by donating here!

Donations to orphanages are an important way to help meet the needs of children.

“They rely on donations from families,” Omernik said.

Omernik said it will be important to get a first-hand look at the orphanages and how kids are living there.

“No matter how nice an orphanage is, it’s not like living with a permanent family,” she said.

The conference is held every two years by the Inter-Country Adoption Board (or ICAB), the central authority on adoption in the Philippines.

This year’s conference will focus on the prevention of illegal adoption and disruptions.

EVOLVE was also represented at the last conference two years ago, and Omernik called it an important opportunity to network and learn about adoption in the Philippines.

Since 1978, EVOLVE has helped with the adoptions of more than 350 children through its Philippines program.

EVOLVE is the only adoption agency in Minnesota working with adoptions through the Philippines, and it’s one of about 20 in the U.S.

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