Support EVOLVE Family Services with Amazon Smile!

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You can support EVOLVE Family Services using Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon. It allows customers to get the same selection of items at the same price, but also by donating a portion of the purchases to a charity of the customer’s choice. Amazon Smile donates .5% of your purchase price to any charity that is registered through Amazon Smile. To begin shopping, you must first select the charity you want to donate to. EVOLVE Family Services is one of the many registered charity organizations on Amazon Smile. This is a great way to do some needed shopping, but also by supporting local charities that mean something to you. You can reach Amazon Smile by going to

Donate to one of EVOLVE’s Amazon Charity Wishlists

Another aspect of Amazon Smile is that you can choose to directly donate items to EVOLVE Family Services. You can view a list of items that are needed for our programs and families, choose an item you would like to donate, and have it sent directly to one of our offices! EVOLVE currently has two wish lists available to the public. One wishlist is for the foster care department and one is for pregnancy services.

View the Foster Care Wishlist HERE

Often, we have families who unexpectedly take placement of children and youth, requiring them to become licensed foster care providers. These families will provide a safe environment for children and youth in their care, but don’t always have access to the supplies and resources needed for foster care licensing. On this list, you will see items that help our families ensure they meet the requirements to become licensed foster care providers and provide a safe environment to any child entering their home.

Many of the items on this wishlist include things like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, as well as a power emergency solar hand crank portable radio.

View the Pregnancy Services Wishlist HERE

Often, we have pregnancy clients who express interest in parenting but don’t have access to the supplies and resources needed. On this list, you will see items that help our clients who choose to parent.

Many of the items include things like diapers, wipes, baby clothes, blankets, and much more.

Directions for Donating

1. Log into your Amazon account using this link.
2. Select EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services as your Charity.
3. View one of our Charity Wishlists
4. Select items to donate
5. Write a special note

All items will ship directly to our office!

Shop with Amazon Smile!

Please consider using Amazon Smile so that .5% of your sales will go to support EVOLVE Family Services programs and families.

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