Join us at Townie Tuesday to help support foster families!

Townie Tuesday supports foster families!

Join us for Townie Tuesday at Lift Bridge Brewing Company on July 28th to help support foster families through our Anne McManus Fund.

The Anne McManus Fund helps children in care feel empowered and build self-esteem through participation in activities or learning new skills. The fund also supports families during and following the licensure process, with emergency needs and/or costs associated with the needed items for licensure.

Stop by EVOLVE’s table for snacks, great company, and delicious beer!

During the event, the EVOLVE Family Services will receive:
– $1.00 per glass of beer sold
– $2.00 per growler sold

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History Behind the Anne McManus Fund

The Anne McManus Fund was created when a 15-year old child needed braces and his foster family could not afford the expense, and it was not covered under his medical insurance.

Through outreach, the need was met by a donation, which covered the cost of the braces for this child. This began the inception for a fund which would support the supplemental needs of children in foster care.

The fund was named after Anne McManus, who was a social worker, previous Executive Director, and longtime advocate for children and families experiencing adoption. She retired in 2014. Anne is known for her advocacy, specifically for older youth and their unique experiences within foster care and adoption.

What is the Goal of the Fund?

The goal of the Anne McManus fund is to bring positive change for children in care. The hope is that they will feel empowered and build their self-esteem through participation in activities or by learning new skills. The fund is available to children in foster care and the families currently providing for them.

The Anne McManus Fund has distributed items such as:
– State Fair Tickets
– Boundary Waters Canoe Trip with school
– A gift card to cover items lost in a fire
– Science Museum of MN membership
– Groceries and Diapers
– Swimming lessons
– Drivers Education
– Weight training for football, or football cleats
– Gift card for clothes and shoes
– Hockey equipment
– Traveling basketball fees
– Dance classes
– Laptop computer
– Gymnastics lessons

Can’t make it to Townie Tuesday?
Donate to the Anne McManus Fund online!

Your generous, heartfelt gift supports children and foster families through the Anne McManus Fund by:
– Providing gift cards for groceries, clothing items, birthday gifts or other special occasions
– Giving children special experiences such as summer camps, sports/music, or other extracurricular activities, etc.
– Assisting relative and kinship families with items or costs required for licensure such as fire extinguishers, training costs, fire inspections, etc.

Your dedication helps children thrive with nurturing, permanent and supportive familial relationships!

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