EVOLVE Staff Visit Thailand

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Earlier this summer, Adoption Program Manager Sam and former CEO Nicole, visited Thailand for the 9th Nativeland Visit Program. While there, Sam and Nicole met with Officials from the Thai Government, the Child Adoption Center (Central Authority in Thailand), Pattaya Orphanage, many Adoption Agencies and families who have adopted from Thailand from around the world.

Pattaya Orphanage

Pattaya Orphanage is a private orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand which is about two hours from Bangkok. They met with Reverend Father Michael and Ms Ah, who run the intercountry adoption program at the Orphanage. Pattaya primarily places young healthy children into adoptive families (four years and under). The orphanage currently has 164 children residing with them, with 62 of the children being under 4 years old. They also have a school for the deaf on campus. During the school year, some students board here.

Then, Sam and Nicole attended a seminar, Lessons Learned on International Adoptions 40 years of Practice for Thai Children in Adoptive Families. Members from the Child Adoption Center (CAC) Adoption Agencies from 16 different countries joined them. This meeting was educational and included time to question EVOLVE’s CAC worker, Annie, who manages EVOLVE’s families. Being able to communicate with Annie in person was a highpoint, as international communication is never easy.

Exploring Thailand.

Outside of work, the two, along with their two guests, we were able to explore Bangkok and parts of Thailand.

“We did some shopping at MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong) which is similar to an outdoor market.  Our group also visited the new designer shopping mall, Icon Siam. This was especially fun because we could take a shuttle across the water from our hotel. We went to Wat Pho and saw the reclining Buddha and spend an evening at Asiatique. After all the work and meetings in Bangkok were over we took some time to relax in Phuket. Phuket was beautiful. We stayed at Thavorn Beach Village, which was amazing. We took a tour to Phi Phi Islands which we highly recommend too!”

Along with our Thailand program, EVOLVE also has a Colombia and Philippines program. EVOLVE staff has since visited the Philippines and will be visiting Colombia some time next year.

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