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Greetings to our EVOLVE families and EVOLVE
community! Summer seemed to fly by! I hope
everyone was able to enjoy the weather and
outdoor activities Minnesota is famous for with
your loved ones. As we welcome our autumn
season, we celebrate our summer successes as
an organization. As a mother of two small
children, we are enjoying a crazy, fun time getting
ready for 3rd grade and preschool! As we
transition into the new school year, we welcome
a lot of firsts not only for our children and
families, but also at EVOLVE.

EVOLVE is working through a transition. Our
CEO, Nicole Deters, is no longer with EVOLVE.
Nicole was an integral part of our organization
for 6+ years. She led development and
initiatives to help the organization grow and
adapt in a culture putting children first. We
wish her the best. With every change, brings
opportunity to evaluate our organization, how
to best serve our communities, and how to
best assess from a leadership perspective

from EVOLVE Board Chair, Jacqueline Phanthavong

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