Wrap Them in Love


We had a special visitor at the HOPE office today. 10-year-old Beth Hamm came through our doors this afternoon with her mother, Carrie, toting bundles of blankets. These blankets are the result of a special project Beth has been working on the past few months.

Often times, the kids we work with in foster care have been removed from their homes due to unhealthy or unsafe situations. These children undergo quick life-transitions that require them to leave all that’s familiar behind, including the comfort of their own rooms, an accustomed way of life, and their personal possessions. The kids are given care and support during the transitional time by gracious foster parents, but it can help to have possessions they can call their own to help them stay centered and grounded in something familiar.

Wanting to give back, Beth had the idea of creating blankets for these foster children. A blanket can be held on to and kept, even if a child goes through more transitions. It can be their blanket. The blankets also provide comfort and security, especially to the younger children struggling with all the changes.

A member of the church Beth attends was so moved by her thoughtfulness, they donated $500 dollars towards her efforts! This wonderful contribution has kept Beth busy and able to buy all the materials she needs to keep going.

Each blanket takes about 45 minutes for Beth to create (that’s including the occasional distraction by the Disney movies she watches while working on them). She hand cuts and ties the sides of the material to fashion the blankets. Once she’s done, she likes to sprawl out on the blanket and write some notes or watch TV, so you can bet each blanket has been quality tested and approved!

Beth was so excited about her project that she created a poster detailing her work and titled it “Wrap Them in Love”. We’re excited to find children who will take the blankets and, indeed, be wrapped in love. What a thoughtful gift and heartwarming story. Thanks, Beth!

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