Ensuring Lifelong Support for Families and Children

EVOLVE Family Services offers Post Adoption Services for adoptees, birth families, adopted fostered youth, and families who have adopted. We support everyone in the adoption sphere throughout their lives. These services are available and may include: counseling, education, support groups, respite care, advocacy, and referrals to other resources.

Post Adoption Services can help adoptive families with the complexities of adoption, such as attachment, identity, trauma, loss, and cultural diversity. Post Adoption Services can also help adopted children understand their history, find connection with their birth family, and develop more understandign of their culture, and help develop a positive sense of self.

As families finalize an adoption, EVOLVE acknowledges that there are still specialized needs to address. This can include assistance with:

Adoption Through Minnesota Foster Care

EVOLVE offers Free Post Adoption Services to assist families who have adopted children previously in foster care within Minnesota. Our services extend to families who have adopted through Minnesota’s Foster Care programs i.e., Minnesota Adoption Permanency Program (MAPP), regardless of the adoption agency. Importantly, these services come at no cost to the family, thanks to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MNDHS).


We’re here to support and empower families on their adoption journey!

Three Month Collaborative Plan

A Post Adoption Specialist will collaborate with the family to develop a three month case management plan. This plan can be extended.

Monthly Meetings

We will have monthly check-ins to ensure that the families are on tract with the plan and can adjust if needed. 

Support Services To Alleviate A Crises

The Post Adoption Specialist will provide intensive support services to alleviate a crisis. Additionally, we can assist in developing a tailored crisis plan.

Help Maintain Connections With Birth Family Members

EVOLVE can assist families in maintaining connections for the child with their birth/first family members and important people prior to the adoption.

Support Services For The Entire Family

Assists in applying for any child welfare services that may help. Some of these services may include: respite care, child care, waivered services.

Educate And Work With The Family, Schools, And Child Care Providers

We will help educate, and advocate for the child with their family, school systems, child care providers and more.

Provide Referrals To Adoption And Trauma Competent Therapeutic Service

EVOLVE will assist in referring and securing trauma and adoption competent therapists and professionals for mental health needs.

Resource Referrals


EVOLVE will provide families with support groups, support systems, community resources and educational material for knowledge and support. 

Private Domestic and International Adoption

EVOLVE offers Post-Adoption Services to assist families who have adopted children and youth through Private Domestic and International Adoption. We are able to assist families and adoptees from our Infant Own Source, EVOLVE Infant Program and International Own Source programs. EVOLVE also holds files from other adoption agencies.


Our commitment is to provide support, guidance, and resources to ensure a positive and nurturing environment for both parents and children.

EVOLVE holds files from the following agencies

African American Adoption & Permanency Planning Agency (AAAPPA)
Better Futures Adoption Services
Crossroads Adoption Services
God's Children Adoption Agency, Inc.
Hope Adoption & Family Services International, Inc.
Legacy Of Adoption

Therapeutic Resources

Providing information on how to connect with adoption and trauma competent therapists for adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families.

Documentation For Citizenship

We can provide information about an adoptee's immigration record and/or provide information around filing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) which gives adoptees access to their immigration record filed with USCIS. 

Support Groups

A Post Adoption Specialist can assist in connecting adoptive families, adoptees, and First / Birth Families with support groups.

Support Navigating Openness with First / Birth Families

EVOLVE can assist in facilitating and maintaining connections between adoptees, adoptive families, and first / birth families.

File Reviews

We can provide information from a client's file; there are limitations in what we can release in some cases. (Ex: Home Studies, Birth / First Family Information, Pre-Adoption History)

External Referrals

EVOLVE can provide information about resources that could be helpful to adoptive families, adoptees, and birth / first families.

Our services are individualized to ensure that each family has the tools to alleviate any stress or situations that affect the adoptee and their family.

We understand that families have a need for support beyond adoption and we are here to support you!

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